Khowai District - IWMP Project At A Glance

 DistrictBatchName of the Taluk / BlockSl. No.Name of the ProjectsName of the PIASl. No.Name of Micro WatershedsProject Area Proposed for Treatment(Ha)Total Project Cost(Rs. In Lakhs)
KHOWAIB-ITeliamura1Khowai IWMP - ITeliamura1Khowai Nadi1611241.65
4Khowai Nadi MU1009151.35
Project Total4611691.65
Khowai2Khowai IWMP - IIKhowai5Sundraicherra991148.65
6Jalaicherra UB902135.30
7Jalaicherra LB676101.40
Project Total2569385.35
Total of Khowai District under Batch-I (2009-10)71801077.00
B-IITulasikhar3Khowai IWMP-IIITulasikhar8Purba rajnagarcherra1154173.10
Project Total2727409.05
Total of Khowai District under Batch-II (2010-11)2727409.05
B-IVKalyanpur4Khowai IWMP-IVPC, KVK, Chebri10Ghilatali970145.50
11Uttar Ghilatali1276191.40
Project Total2246336.90
Total of Khowai District under Batch-IV (2012-13)2246336.90
B-VKalyanpur5Khowai IWMP-VTeliamura12Kalyanpur922138.3
13Purba Kalyanpur815122.25
14Rajanisadar Para60490.6
Project Total3112466.8
Total of Khowai District under Batch-V (2013-14)3112466.8
B-VITulasikhar6Khowai IWMP-VISA, Tulasikhar16Purba Takchaya1862279.30
Project Total1862279.30
Teliamura7Khowai IWMP-VIIDFO, Teliamura17Dakshin Maharanipur1144171.60
18Uttar Maharanipur1139170.85
Project Total4471670.65
Total of Khowai District under Batch-VI (2014-15)6333949.95
T O T A L   O F   K H O W A I   D I S T R I C T215983239.70